Day: April 20, 2019

found a home

After several more weeks since the last entry, I was finally able to acquire a wonderful place to stay in university housing for families and graduate students. Although I am far from being a graduate student, I am grateful that I was able to receive such a cozy spot. It is further south than the centre-ville. But that’s quite alright since most of the places are within walking distance.

Once the housing was established and contract made, the next step was to purchase the plane tickets. This part has been quite difficult as the prices were great in February, but I did not feel confident in fully investing at that time, so I waited. And sometimes, the waiting game for airline tickets can be cost-effective and other times it is a complete waste of time. Well, despite searching for the best options, I settled on a direct flight to Paris out of Dallas. Not ideal as there is extra travel both ways, but the objective is still the same: get to France by any means possible at a price that is not exorbitant. Date set for departure. Housing set. Now it’s a matter of settling the visa and other hosting paperwork.

To be honest, my biggest concern now is whether I should pack books and which ones. Some folks advised against bringing extra ANYTHING when researching under such an award. But to be without certain key texts to my research seems outrageous. I will allow myself until July to make a decision on the books situation. In the meantime, I must prepare to have a garage sale to bring in just that little bit of extra income to help with the transition.